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Presumably if you're reading this, you've just recently stumbled upon my blog. Or maybe we met recently and now you are blog-stalking me. Either is okay, and here, I am going to make it easy for you and list all of the posts that I think you should/may want to know about me. Yes, you are welcome.
Before I dive in, the biggest thing to note is that there are years worth of posts including or entirely about someone who is no longer in my life. So, please take note that those old posts no longer hold true. I have not deleted them because they are valuable memories, but I'm not going to link to any of them here because they are predominately frivolous and I know that you are only interested in the juicy gossip.

Without further ado, here are some peeks into my brain:

On how my health used to be, and how it is now.

follow-up from a break-up, which was a big deal and ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me.

Written before my senior year, but words that I find are still applicable to my life.

On graduating from college.

On healing.

On branding/freelancing/promoting myself as a professional.

When I adopted my kitten. Joon is happily living in Michigan, being snuggled and loved on by my sister. I miss her every day when I come home and she isn't at the door to meow hello.

On getting a tattoo. (I've since gotten another)

On making friends and feeling fulfilled.

On dealing with stress.

Heartbreak of another kind: loss. Grandma Lillian and my Papa.

Currently / Always.

Our puppy, Cooper, when he was a tiny little smush!

The "about" page.

...aaand now you know me a little bit (not nearly as exciting as you thought, eh?)

Also worth noting: I have never been happier in my entire life, in love, in school, in friendships. This is a list that shows from where I came; stick around to see where I'm going.


  1. Hi! I've just found your blog by randomly googling 'Summer in Savannah' (which is the name of mine) and stumbling into you post... And now you have a new follower!!
    Feel free to follow me if you want, although mine's in Spanish (used to write it in English as well, but it was double the work and besides, mostly people from Spain reads it so...).


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