Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Summer Cruise, Part II

On the second full day of our cruise, we woke up in Ensenada, Mexico! The day honestly started out foggy and kind of chilly, but by early afternoon it was truly beautiful out. The climate is bizarre, it changed so quickly.
We took a shuttle bus from the ship to the town, paid for a tour to La Boufadora, the local geyser, and took a 45 minute tour bus out to the geyser. It was so worth it. I mean maybe it sounds like we got played, but it was so beautiful!
You walk through this strip of vendors who are trying to sell you anything from fake purses, shoes (I bought some and I do not regret it), and snacks to prescription medication (without a prescription) and at the end of this is La Boufadora, this crystal clear water that just spouts up and out of the mountains every few seconds. It was honestly breathtaking.
I thought that we would be able to go to the beach, but maybe next cruise! We had a wonderful time walking around that area, and after a few hours we went back to the ship to eat, sunbathe, and play like twenty games of shuffleboard.

The last day of the cruise was spent at sea, and it was too foggy and cold to go outside much. We played bingo two days in a row--surprisingly so much fun! We got really close to winning a bunch of money, but alas.
We spent the few days after we got home wobbling around the apartment, feeling like we were still on the ship, but it was a really, really wonderful vacation. We are already planning to take another cruise, sometime, eventually, this time maybe to the Caribbean where I can get some beaches!

Dan just left town to teach in New York for a month, like he does every summer, leaving me with the puppy and a month of 40 hour work weeks. I bought a month membership at our local rock gym and have been climbing every few days. I'm still getting used to the idea that there's a type of exercise that I genuinely enjoy 😂 And in a few short weeks I'll be heading to Orlando for ClarinetFest, where I'll also get to see my parents and go to Harry Potter World again!!!!

Summer is shaping up quite nicely.


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