Friday, June 23, 2017

V A C A T I O N !

YOUUUUU GUYS! After weeks of waiting, and waiting, and annoying all of my friends and coworkers about it, and waiting some more, we are finally going on vacation tomorrow!!!!
We're spending tomorrow in LA, going to Griffith Observatory, seeing my family, and eating as much as we possibly can before leaving for our cruise on Sunday! We are so excited! Every sentence is going to end in an exclamation point!

Cooper will be hanging out with his bff Ella, Dan's former roommate, having a blast no doubt! We probably won't have any cell reception while we're gone and honestly I'm kind of glad because it'll be even better if the phones are only used as cameras--much fewer distractions!

So yeah, we're stoked! Follow along on Instagram for sweet pix and sorry in advance if we're also friends on Facebook because, you guys, I'm going to spam the shit out of you all, I'm truly sorry but too excited to be sorry enough not to do it!

See you in about a week! (I wasn't kidding about the exclamation points!)

Monday, June 19, 2017


Friends, I deleted my original post about Father's Day. I'm trying to recreate it now but admittedly you just can't replicate genius. I'm kidding, but also I am serious in that this post won't be identical, though I (impressively, if I do say so myself) have gotten pretty damn close to what I originally wrote...

I've written about my Dad, my own personal superman, many times over the years. He is, to put it simply, the best. Supportive, funny, kind.

He's obsessive. He loves movies, golf, and baseball. He loves me and my sister. He loves decorating.

That last one may seem out of the norm. But honestly, like, my dad loves decorating. When he moved into his new house a few years ago he had a clean slate with which to decorate and he was thrilled. He and his sister, my Aunt Susan, went to town. And honestly, he has great taste.

So my sister and I starting gifting him decorative "chatchkes" a few years back. For his last birthday I got him a vintage map of Phoenix. For Hanukkah, a stained glass cactus in a little pot. He and I recently ordered a wooden print of one of my photos for his bedroom. He house is full of antiques, art, and baseball memorabilia. He loves maps and has a beautiful collection lining his stairwell.

But clothes? We never gift him clothes. My mom would, and still does. But clothes are tough. My sister and I don't live in Florida. What if it doesn't fit? What if he just doesn't like it? So when Bonobos contacted me about upgrading my dad's style for Father's Day, I was kind of like "why?" Because honestly, he can dress himself. He loves shopping. He loves jirts (jacket shirts, a term I will forever give him credit for). He loves shoes! Generally, he really does have good taste, with the occasional poor choice of fit 😝

I asked him to check out the website to see what he'd say about the clothes. It's hard to tell online because the models don't look like normal humans, but the clothes look trendy without being obnoxious, tailored, AND they have golf stuff! Dad did say that he likes the Knockdown Tech Half Zip, which is 100% something I could picture him wearing. I also noticed that they have a store in Scottsdale, to which I would definitely take my dad (and Dan!) when he comes to visit.

So how would I upgrade my Dad's style? I wouldn't. His is possibly better than mine. I love him exactly as is.
Happy Father's Day to all, especially my own dad! And my Papa, whom I miss every single day.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Slices of Life

Life lately has been surprisingly busy, and also the most consistent and routine it's ever been. Every day I go to work, come home on my lunch break to go out for a walk with Cooper, go back to work, come home and go to the dog park. I got Cooper those booties I mentioned in this post and it's probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen in my life. He doesn't love them and he practically begs me to take them off as soon as we get home, but when we're outside walking he wears them like a pro.

It's been in the high 100's the past few weeks, so the booties are definitely necessary. It's only downhill from here; it's almost too hot to go for walks when the sun is up. We lasted outside for about 5 minutes this afternoon. Cooper does NOT like the heat, which is hilarious and convenient because it wears him out and he usually has SO much energy.

I know a lot (if not all) of my blog posts and photos have been Cooper-centric lately, but he's just lighting up our lives lately. Like a thousand times a day I tell him that he's a good boy and I turn to Dan and say "isn't he such a good boy?"

I am disgusting, I know!!
He does not love the car and on the way to the groomer today he freaked out and crawled into my lap and ended up like this. It was possibly a little dangerous but I just about melted. This little puppy is just bringing me so much joy these days, despite sometimes being super hyper and frustrating (ha!)

Dan's been working a lot and has so much going on, but in less than 3 weeks we are going to LA to see my family for a day before going on our cruise! We are literally so excited I think it's all either of us can think about when we're stuck at work all day. Then I can spam you with photos of things other than my dog.
Desert summers do have some of the best sunsets, though. Can't deny that.
Stay cool.
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