Friday, May 12, 2017

Pup's First Summer

This summer will be Cooper's first ever! I mean technically he was born in August so he's a summer puppy, but this is the first summer he'll be conscious of his surroundings. Arizona summers are notoriously no joke. It's actually been pretty nice so far though; after some 100º+ days (while I was in Florida, ha!) the temperature came back down and the past week has just been lovely. We know it's just biding it's time. 110º+ is coming. Soon.
We have a lot to learn about having a dog in the summer, so mentally we're making a list of things we need to watch out for. Here are some things on my mind:

1. Dog booties. The pavement here gets really hot and it's not super safe to let your dog's bare paws hit the burning pavement. I have a feeling Cooper will be one of those dogs who refuses to move once you put the booties on, but it's certainly at least worth a try. The ones I linked to look like a good option, lightweight, inexpensive, with good reviews.

2. Dehydration. I sometimes trick Cooper into drinking water by putting an ice cube in his bowl for him to try to get. Sometimes he gets bored or frustrated and leaves the ice, but usually it gets him to drink at least a little more. When we go to the park he sometimes gets excited and forgets to drink, so it's definitely something we have to look out for.

3. Frozen food. Dan had the idea to dampen and mush up some kibble and then freeze it in Cooper's small pink Kong for him to eat as part of his dinner. It's cold and it's fun for him! If he liked fruit and veggies I would totally freeze those for him, but he just doesn't like them much.
Did you know that May is National Pet Month? (Every month is national pet month at my house, okay). Puppy Spot reached out to me and sent me this great graphic that they created that outlines some tips for keeping your puppy healthy and happy this summer. While they may not all be applicable to the desert, they make some great points that I hadn't even considered.

I will always advocate for shelter adoptions, but if you or someone you know is looking for a specific breed, purebred, or designer puppy, Puppy Spot seems like a great and convenient way to go. You can find the puppies that they have available now here.

I know I'm no expert, not even close, but I wanted to share what I was thinking along with the advice from Puppy Spot! If you have any advice for helping an energetic puppy survive summer, send it my way please I beg of you. He has so much energy it doesn't even make sense.
(One more pic of Coop for good measure. He looks huge compared to way back when *cries a lil*!!!)


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