Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The past two weeks have been a whirlwind, and honestly that word doesn't even do the craziness justice. I (and hopefully my studio mates, too) have had some of the most inspirational experiences of grad school, all within one semester--and a lot of them in just the past month.

Dr. Bish was here and performed a recital and gave a master class. What an experience to have her here, in this bubble I've created, with her teacher who is also my teacher, sharing her clarinet-unicorn knowledge with us. I'm going to see her again in a couple of weeks and I am thrilled.

3/4 of my most influential musical people. My heart could explode!
On a strictly personal level: two weeks ago I travelled to Little Rock, Arkansas to play with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. It was my first professional orchestra gig and such a treat to play with Dr. Kelly Johnson, who also teaches at the University of Central Arkansas. She was kind enough to invite me to observe her studio and give a little master class during her studio class; it was an incredible and unforgettable experience. And Sibelius Symphony No. 2--go listen if you've never heard it. What a joy to perform it twice in a row.
Unfortunately I came down with a gnarly cold literally right after that day at UCA, but over a week later I'm feeling human again so it's fine. It was well worth it.

This past week, amidst recovering from this disgusting cold, my troll-y friends created this incredible day of new music where the famous composers themselves were here at ASU: William O. Smith (grandfather of extended techniques on clarinet) and Eric P. Mandat (who took Bill Smith's ideas and ran with them).

Pat, Jack, and Jeremy each played a solo recital of just Eric Mandat and Bill Smith's music, and then a trio recital that featured a bass clarinet quartet accompanying Mandat himself.

We spent Thursday through Saturday schmoozing and absorbing as much as we could from these incredible people and musicians. As exhausting as it was, I am so thankful and proud to be in an environment that encourages this kind of creativity. I love my friends, I love my teachers, I love my studio. The inspiration is palpable. We are indebted to them for creating this experience for us.

So yeah, it's been insane.

I'm really tired.

Dan's parents are in town, I'm going home in a little over a week for Rebecca's graduation (!!!), and school ends shortly after I leave. This year has been weird and crazy and stressful in a lot of ways, but man has it been amazing.

And a Cooper picture for good measure, how cute is he?...



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