Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Feelings

I've noticed that every year since I moved to Arizona, I'm both the busiest and the most grateful in the Spring.

My schedule gets insane, our studio has recitals and guests like every other day, I usually have to prepare for my own recital or something, write papers, work, etc.

But I don't know, I look around at all the trees and cactuses blooming, the weather is perfect for these blissful three months, and I just can't help but feel so happy and thankful to be living here and going to school and work with so many amazing people, and living life with Dan.

I mean it can be so stressful and give me so much anxiety, but when I finally manage to take a step back I am so lucky, you know? I love what I do, even when I hate it, and I love the people in my life. And my puppy. I love my puppy.

Maybe I'm just in a good mood because Dan surprised me with breakfast yesterday morning, Dr. G surprised me with coffee, I got out of rehearsal hella early, the weather is amazing, and Dr. Bish was in town (!!!). Maybe it's because of all of those amazing things, and an amazing Monday. Or maybe I'm just really happy and I'm having a clear-minded week :)


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