Friday, December 23, 2016

Slices of Life

Right after I finished my last final, we drove up to Flagstaff for a quick trip. Dan had a gig at a fancy party. We went to the Lowell Observatory and the Riordan Mansion, drank local beer, saw some snow. It was a great trip.
Shortly thereafter I went home to Florida for about a week and I saw my family and my baby cat! I missed them so much! Especially my cat!!!!
We golfed with Dad, shopped, and I hung out with Rachel and Josh. I see them every December, apparently, which is awesome. We swung by me and Rachel's old high school, where we started 10 years ago. Shit's crazy. They planted some trees around there and it's way nicer.
Rachel and Josh also adopted this beautiful and super sweet cat and we totally bonded.

We took some family photos before I left :)

It was a great time at home, but it's always nice to be back. Looking forward to celebrating the holidays this weekend.

And for good measure, Dan hiking this week, because I love this photo that Wen took of him.
(Hope the photo qualities aren't too bad, hard for me to tell on my end. Everything always looks blurry.)

Happy Holidays!


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