Saturday, December 31, 2016


It's been a weird year, hasn't it? Arguably one of the worst, though personally it wasn't too bad compared to past years. I guess this was the year I pulled away from this blog a lot. Not many posts, and that's okay by me. I'm cataloging what I want, and enjoying it all. And I know there are a lot of pictures of Dan and me, but it was just a pretty photogenic year okay?

So, without further ado:

- January started with my Mom still in the hospital. It was a tough time to have to come back to Arizona.

- Rachel adopted my lil buddy Claude! He is one of my favorites and they are a perfect pair. We also played a lot of clarinet choir in January.
- We went to Colorado for Dan's first professional audition (where he was one of four to pass pre-screening, just to brag for a sec).

- Over Spring Break we took our Masters comprehensive exams, two of my friends got married, it was Dan's birthday, and my cousin had a baby!!!

- I did my last Masters recital and my parents and Grandma came to see.
- In April I did some fun stuff with friends, in May Dan and I graduated with our Masters degrees,  I turned 24. I got a new tattoo thanks to the generosity of my friends!!

- I decided to stay at ASU to pursue a doctorate!
- This summer was extremely fun and extremely busy. First we went to Santa Fe with some friends.
- I took my baby cat to Florida to live with my sister. I miss that stupid cat every day. She was such a joy to have to come home to. I'm thankful to live with Dan, but I do miss that cat.

- I went to the National Music Festival in Chestertown, Maryland. I played some great repertoire and got to play Beethoven 9 in Philadelphia, which was awesome.

- Before going home, I spent a few days in DC with Logan, Stephen, and saw Rachel and Spencer. Walked so much. It was so fun, I love staying with Logan in DC.
- I had some lady friends over for a 4th of July party!

- I went to New York and stayed with Dan and his family for a weekend before going to my Grandma's for some family time. We were all together on my Mom's birthday! We had my Papa's unveiling ceremony, where you unveil the tombstone. It was hard to revisit, but we were all together.
- When I got back from New York, I went to Kansas with the clarinet studio for ClarinetFest! This picture pretty much sums it up. I also got to see my friends Leah and Tom!
- Wen and I drove out to California to see my friends Caleb and Boyce and to go to Disneyland! It was Wen's first time at Disney, and I think it was pretty magical. Thanks to their generosity, we had a really great short trip with Joanna, Mark, Caleb, and Boyce.
- Dan and I moved in together. Easily one of my favorite things to happen this year, and ever. I love living with him.

- Wen and I had fun in this video :) Then school started and it all went to shit, you guys.

- Best distraction from a rough semester: SOPHIE COMING TO VISIT!!!!! I'm terrible at keeping in touch but by god do I love my Sophie.

- Personal best Halloween costumes to date. I got a lot of the studio to dress up like our professors (in their typical purple shirt and black pants), and I dressed up as our friend Yeil. Trolololo.
- At some point we sweated our asses off at the State Fair, too.

- The election happened and it was crushing for a lot of us. A real "what the *%#$?" moment. And it hurt. Thankfully, November flew by. I played on Rachel's recital, I wrote two papers, I didn't die!
- My family came for Thanksgiving and it was amazing. We had a huge dinner with close friends and family. Dan and I cooked the whole meal. It was wonderful.

- Over this break, I got to take a little vacation with Dan to Flagstaff, go home to Florida, see friends and family, work a lot, and celebrate the holidays.
- Then...THEN, WE ADOPTED A PUPPY! His name is Cooper. He is a Besenji mix and he is the sweetest puppy ever, I'm convinced. He's already doing very well with training and although it's stressful, we love him so much already. Dan hates this picture of the three of us but I literally love it so much. Look at that frickin' smush.
Isn't he handsome?

So, although most people agree that 2016 sucked, it was pretty good for me. The lack of blog posts clearly didn't indicate a mellow year. I am always so busy!

This semester was the most challenging I've ever had (it was truly terrible), but I came out on the other side with straight A's and some money in the bank. I feel loved and love those around me. Sometimes I feel like I don't know what I'm doing, but my life is fulfilling. I'm so grateful.

Past year's posts: 2015, 2014 (links to 2013 + 2012 can be found at the end of 2014). No resolutions this year because the ones I made for the past two years will always be applicable.

Happy New Year, peeps. You rock.


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