Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Slices of Life

One week into school and things are right back the way they've been since I started grad school--busy. Thus begins the downward spiral that I look forward to at the beginning of each semester ;)

As summer came to a close I snuggled a few puppies, ate a lot of Asian food, made a video with Wen, drank mimosas and such. On Saturday night Brittany very generously gave us Diamondbacks tickets where we watched the most fantastic loss of all time (Dbacks lost 13-0). Mostly it was an excuse for me to see her after far too long.

Living with Dan is so much fun, even though we're on opposite work schedules--I come home from school, we eat dinner, he leaves for a gig! We're still getting used to it but it is objectively the best.

Being a doctoral student is a little daunting but also feels a little like nothing has changed. I think the next two years might really do me in and I'm kind of both looking forward to and dreading the challenge. It'll be interesting, if nothing else. Glad that I at least get to spend my days surrounded by my favorite weirdos.

Happy Monday, and RIP Gene Wilder. We used to watch Young Frankenstein every New Years Eve and it was funny every time.

P.S. Collage made with, of course, my favorite, BeFunky.


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