Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ClarinetFest 2016 // Lawrence, KS

Last week, our 30-something person studio all traveled to Kansas for ClarinetFest. At the end of week we were playing a concert, but until then we were just chillin, trying about a million mouthpieces and ligatures, and buying all sorts of clarinet stuff.

The first night we were there, we all went to a reception sponsored by Buffet, who gave us a very generous donation to help us all get there.
My personal favorite part of the entire thing was that Leah was there!! The last time I saw her was when she auditioned at Florida State and spent the weekend with me. We were overdue for a visit.
We rehearsed our clarinet choir concert everyday in this hot black box. Super fun. (pcreds to Stefanie Gardner, official Snapchatter of ICA)
I snuck out one day with Leah and Tom! Downtown Lawrence is super cute, and since Leah did her undergraduate degree at the University of Kansas, she knows all the cool places to go. Seriously, very cool. It was really, really fun hanging out with the two of them. Easily two of my favorite clarinet people.
I went to say "hi" to the woman who sold me both of my clarinets and got bullied into doing a photo booth, somehow without Wen. I don't know. And I feel like I should clarify that I didn't choose this get-up.

Then it was concert day, the Profs matched per usual, and apparently everyone loved our concert. Which makes it all worth it! We spent that night as a studio, hanging out drinking and eating pizza. It was really fun. (and Catherine came back from Canada to play with us!)

Supremely successful first ClarinetFest, I'd say. We are so lucky to have been able to go, fully funded. Here's to next year in Orlando ;)


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