Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Woodwind Player's Guide to Lip Balm

As a woodwind player, specifically a reed player, my lips are chapped approximately 95% of the time. It's uncomfortable, unattractive, and makes wearing lipstick (in the rare moments I'm not playing) pretty gnarly. ESPECIALLY in the desert. I've tried so many lip balms since I was a kid that I am here now to once again offer you my unsolicited advice. Mostly I'm going to tell you what I like (or don't) about these lip balms I've tried. Here we go.

1 // Vaseline Lip Therapy "Rosy Lips"
Obviously this one is more feminine, but they have other "flavors" that aren't pigmented (I'm intrigued but have yet to try the Aloe one). I love the light pink color, I love the scent of rose, and it actually does help keep my lips looking healthy. I also think the tin is really cute, but I'm not a fan of having to dip my finger into the pot and then sometimes having nowhere to wipe my hands for whatever reason. Sometimes I honestly don't use this one for that reason alone. That being said, I do tend to carry it in my purse at all times.

I bought this because my lips felt like they were beyond repair and it did NOT help. It tastes terrible if it accidentally gets in your mouth a little and the rounded applicator isn't really conducive to, ya know, applying the lip balm. Most importantly, it didn't really help my lips heal. I only use it if nothing else is around.

3 // Nivea
This goes on really smoothly and feels really nice! Almost watery. But it doesn't really do much, and has no SPF. Nivea has other types that do have SPF, but even so, I'm not convinced. Also the top comes off of this in my bag enough that I don't want to carry it regularly. It would probably be okay for daily upkeep, but you could do better.

4 // Classic Chap Stick (and the comparable Target brand)
You really can't go wrong. The Target brand smells kind of like vanilla, which I do not like, but will still use. This is really the only way to go if you're out in the sun a lot, because it has SPF! My only qualm is that it goes on very thick, and I'm not a fan of feeling like I have peanut butter smeared on my lips.

Hands down best lip repair. The applicator is shaped perfectly and it will genuinely help your lips heal, relatively quickly too. It's super lightweight and doesn't taste like poison. I try to always have this with me, or at least in my school bag to use after a full day of playing. Sometimes I'll even put a dab on a dry spot on my face or something, if moisturizer isn't enough. It's good shit.

I used this regularly for quite a while. I actually like the funny shape, and I like that the mint flavor makes my lips tingly and smells very nice. Like Chap Stick, it goes on a bit thick, but it doesn't do much in lieu of actually healing. I phased it out of my regular products because it wasn't quite getting the job done.


Best overall // Aquaphor, no questions asked. Worth every penny.

Favorite for everday // Aquaphor and Vaseline Rosy Lips.

Worth mentioning // For heavy duty dried lips or nose (especially if you're sick and, like me, blow your nose a lot) Carmex jars are my all time favorite. Some people detest the smell, but to me it's comforting. It can burn a little but it works so, so well that it's worth it. Not practical for daily use, in my opinion (unless you need it!), but worth having on hand.

I hope this is helpful! If you have some lip balm to recommend, send it my way. I obviously have more than I need but it's almost an obsession so I'm always interested in trying new ones.


P.S. Nobody sponsored me to write this, I just really like lip balm. Light filter edits done with BeFunky.


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