Friday, July 8, 2016

A Few Days in DC

I went to DC for a few days after NMF to see Logan and Stephen! I went to the Instagram-famous Renwick Gallery. It's small but BEAUTIFUL. It didn't take much time because they were changing some of the exhibits but it was worth the trips (and the photos).
Then I walked by some monuments, met up with Stephen, and walked through the Supreme Court (way cooler than I thought it would be)!
After the Supreme Court, we went through the Botanical Garden! We walked through every biome. It was pretty cool.
I love taking photos of flowers! And that's the most normal picture of Stephen I could get. There ya go, buddy.

It was a huge pain in the ass getting home. Stephen ended up pulling a heroic move when my flight was cancelled and picked me up from BWI at like 10pm and drove me to Philadelphia, where I sat in the airport (WHICH WAS CLOSED?!) until my 6am flight. It was a time, thanks again Stephen!

It was a fun trip! Short, but fun. Hanging out with Logan and Stephen is always the best, and I got to see Rachel and Spencer too. It was great. I'm always happy to spend some time in that city.


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