Friday, July 22, 2016

Grandma's Beach

As per summer tradition, we spent yesterday with family at the Silver Point Beach Club. Omggggg it was a beyond perfect beach day. We didn't want to leave. So glad our cousin Elana could take the day off of work and spend it with us (and thanks for the pics). They're all crazy but I love them.


(is it my retina display? or because they're iPhone pictures? it was never a problem before! help help help help)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Over the Weekend

I flew into Long Island this past Thursday night (technically Friday morning, sorry Dan) to spend the weekend with Dan and his family and friends. It was SO FUN. We went out with his friends on Friday night and spent Saturday on Fire Island, on the beach and watching his Mom play a gig. It was seriously awesome.
I did not take a lot of pictures, but I got Dan to smile TWICE. TWO TIMES. In the same day, no less.
This morning his Mom and I got pedicures before I headed out to my Grandma's in Queens. I am so thankful for this weekend, their hospitality, and my boyfriend.

Thus begins family time in New York. Sure to be quite a week. Rebecca gets in on Friday night and Dad on Saturday!

'Til next time, keep it real.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Life Lately

Dan and I are living together as of last week! The apartment looks way better now than it ever did and it finally feels like home, probably because Dan's involved. He left for NY for a month last week, and I go to NY on Thursday! I'm so excited to spend a weekend with him going to the beach and stuff before going to spend a week with my family. My whole family! I haven't seen Rebecca since Thanksgiving. Very uncool.

With everything that's going on in this country right now, I feel a little lost in society. My family and friends are so multi-cultural that it's hard for me to process why anyone would act the way some people are acting. But I have to say, I am so thankful for what and who I have in my life. I am so lucky. Hold your loved ones close!

Friday, July 8, 2016

A Few Days in DC

I went to DC for a few days after NMF to see Logan and Stephen! I went to the Instagram-famous Renwick Gallery. It's small but BEAUTIFUL. It didn't take much time because they were changing some of the exhibits but it was worth the trips (and the photos).
Then I walked by some monuments, met up with Stephen, and walked through the Supreme Court (way cooler than I thought it would be)!
After the Supreme Court, we went through the Botanical Garden! We walked through every biome. It was pretty cool.
I love taking photos of flowers! And that's the most normal picture of Stephen I could get. There ya go, buddy.

It was a huge pain in the ass getting home. Stephen ended up pulling a heroic move when my flight was cancelled and picked me up from BWI at like 10pm and drove me to Philadelphia, where I sat in the airport (WHICH WAS CLOSED?!) until my 6am flight. It was a time, thanks again Stephen!

It was a fun trip! Short, but fun. Hanging out with Logan and Stephen is always the best, and I got to see Rachel and Spencer too. It was great. I'm always happy to spend some time in that city.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Independence Day Mermaids

On July 4th this year I invited a bunch of my lady friends over to eat and swim and watch fireworks from the balcony! We had too much food and fun with Wen's GoPro (these are a few of many photo attempts). Sorry but you probably saw some of these on my Instagram too. Thankful for them!


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

On the Lake in Chestertown

Many thanks to the Tobey's (and Nathan and Adam) for sharing their backyard with me while at NMF a few weeks ago. It's the most beautiful backyard I've ever seen. I want to live in it, get married in it, spend every single summer day in it--no joke it's that good of a backyard. This was one of many blissful afternoons spent there. Special thanks to Leanna for taking some photos while I was out on the lake!
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