Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Beethoven in Philly

On Sunday, we went to Philadelphia to play Beethoven's 9th Symphony at a church in Brynn Mawr. The church was beautiful and I'm told it was a great performance, which is, ya know, great.

Nathan, his parents, Parker, and I got into Philly relatively early in the day so we could see some sights. Parker goes to school with me at ASU (he plays french horn) and had never been to Independence Hall, or Philly I think, so I got hella excited that he was getting to see some historical sights for the first time.

We did what had to be done and got cheesesteaks at Geno's. My goodness they were good. And next door are some really good cannoli, too. I mean my stomach may not have been happy, but I sure was.
We got stuck in Pride Parade traffic, played some Beethoven, went to Chinatown for food and bubble tea, and swung by The Curtis Institute of Music because we are nerds.
It was a wonderful day with the Huhta's and Parker. Such a fun day trip!! I'll be rounding off NMF this weekend with performances on Thursday and Saturday nights. 

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