Monday, April 18, 2016

Over the Weekend

My main man played his last Masters recital this weekend! He sounded so good and I am so proud to be with him. Look how cute he is when I sneak up on him and harass him with a camera! He hates it and I love it!
On Sunday Dan was playing at the Scottsdale Culinary Arts Festival, and I got his comp ticket! The food was overpriced for the tiny portions but DAYUM it was delicious. Like, so good that we might be crazy enough to attempt to recreate it at home. We'll see how that goes (Dan is way better in the kitchen than I am, which bodes well for me.)
It was an absolutely beautiful day. Oh yeah and at the end of it, I played a saxophone solo in a secondary instrument recital. It was a time. Anyway, one hell of a weekend in my humble opinion.

Two weeks of classes until we're Masters of Music, so heyo!


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