Wednesday, April 6, 2016


A friend and I went to yoga the other night, and the instructor spoke of gratitude.

At the beginning of class, Will asked us to think of what or who we were thankful for, what or who made us happy the day before, and to consider those things or people as we practiced.

At the end of class, we laid on our mats in complete stillness after an hour and a half of intense practice as Will told us about thankfulness vs. gratitude. About how we can practice and achieve them, about how we can live them, about how they go hand in hand.

My friend cried, and I was so struck. This is a person whom I've personally made cry a number of times, merely by expressing my affection for them. A person who feels so deeply that when I explain why I care about them, they break down nearly every time. I tease, and we laugh, but I also catalogue this person's feelings and reactions. I observe, because that's what I do.

I've mentioned in previous posts and conversations with people how self-aware I am. I enjoy listening and observing; I wasn't always such an extrovert (although even now I hesitate to use that term), and these tasks eventually became introspective for me.

This small speech about gratitude, given as I laid on the floor of the yoga studio next to one of my best friends and amongst strangers, feeling tired and hungry, hit me to the core. I left the class extremely happy. Because I feel thankful so, so deeply, and try so hard to practice gratitude on a daily basis (from Will's talk, I gathered that he was referencing gratitude as a state of being, a verb so to speak).

Mostly, I am thankful for where I am in my life, and for the people who are in it. People who care about me as much as I care about them, and who show it. I am thankful to be in love with a person such as Dan. I am thankful every time I see these people, and every time I see these people I think my heart may explode with love (particularly with Dan).

Let everyone that you love know that you love them. It's too important not to.


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