Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring Break

Spring Break started with gigging and comprehensive exams. Super fun 4 hours of staring at a computer and writing about the clarinet and clarinet pedagogy and clarinet music. Exactly as much fun as it sounds.

On Sunday I took Dan on an awesome pre-birthday birthday date. He left today to spend the week at a saxophone conference, and he turned 24 smack in the middle of the week away. He doesn't like birthdays (I like them enough for the both of us, let's be real) but I think I did okay.

I hiked the Javelina Canyon trail at South Mountain with Abby, Kalie, and Abby's past roommate Tessa. Coincidentally Wen and Brittany were there too, so we had a whole group. It was beautiful out.
Wednesday was big, big day: we had a party to celebrate Nayoung's marriage on Monday. It was perfect and I could not be happier for her. It was also Dan's 24th birthday, and my cousin Rory had a beautiful baby girl and named her Lily after our grandma. My heart is so full it could explode.
I had a couple of rehearsals for my recital, went shopping for the first time basically since I left my job at Loft, took photos of my pal Olivia (oboe Olivia!), and had some fun in downtown Phoenix. I watched a lot of mindless TV and didn't absorb any of it. I snuggled with Joon. I ate a lot of food that is bad for you. I missed Dan a lot.
Wen bought me this cactus, and at the end of the week we celebrated another wedding. It was a pretty good break.



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