Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Slices of Life

Life updates:

I had a really bad cold like two weeks ago now? I dunno but it wiped me out for a few days. Terrible cough. It was gross. I got made fun of a lot, and I got my office buddy (Pat) sick. As if I wasn't already the worst.

We had a clarinet choir and then two guests in the studio. That means I played in two master classes last week, had two lessons, regular rehearsals, extra rehearsals, and recitals to go to. It was quite a week (fun, but quite a week).

We went to dim sum at the Asian market. THAT was a time. Fascinating. Mostly delicious, pretty weird. Dan was not a fan, but if nothing else it was super fun.

My friend Vince came to town to visit his family and we got coffee and chatted about life and photography and clarinet. A couple of my students gave a recital, and Wen gave an amazing recital! Jack's recital is tomorrow, aaaand recital season is in full swing.

I had a couple of rehearsals for my own recital with my string quartet and I am insanely excited, it's so fun playing chamber music.

I got new glasses and chopped my hair off again and I looove it.

I can't remember the rest. I'm happy as hell though, I can tell you that.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

January Photo Dump

So, look, it's been a while. I'm so busy and I might be crushed by the amount of music I'm playing. I've fallen asleep with my glasses still on twice in the past week. The semester so far, in a nutshell.
My Mom's on this "send me pictures!" kick, so in an attempt to troll her on the first day of school I sent her a picture of everything I did that day. Not troll-y at all because she loved it.
We picked oranges after a meeting at Dr. Spring's. Vitamin C!
I tortured my cat and Rachel got a dog! His name is Claude. He's a corgi/sheltie mix. He's ADORABLE AND I LOVE HIM AND HE LOVES ME. And as always, Ella, the princess.
We briefly went to Colorado Springs so Dan could take an audition. It snowed! It was beautiful and quite an experience.
Got Dan to smile for a picture, only had to hold my phone up for a full two minutes to wait for it.
Oh, clarinet choir. We had rehearsal every night last week and a performance on Saturday. Good times. (thanks for the pic, Dr. G)

In other news, bad shit keeps happening, so, that's cool. Dan got suuuper sick last week, my clarinet cracked again, and I just today lost a ton of photos from last week. It's whatever but like I'm really ready for a totally normal week please.

Til next time, party people. Happy Super Bowl weekend.
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