Wednesday, December 30, 2015


What a damn year it's been. I learned a lot and felt a LOT. Jeezus do I have a lot of feelings. Somehow I'm always surprised by how many feelings I have?

Here's the year in review!

- I spent New Years in Boston with Rachel and Josh.
- I hosted Galentine's Day!!

- Stress control for the busiest semester of my life.

- HARRY POTTER WORLD over my Spring Break. And it was the best Spring Break ever, because Harry Potter and ALLISON all in one week.
- I had my first masters degree recital.

- The semester rolled on, and Dana and I went to Tucson to see Newsies!

- Then school was over and by some stroke of luck I met Dan, I could gush about him forever but I won't I promise. (and Nayoung took these hilarious pix of me n Joon)
- Rebecca came to visit for a week!

- I turned 23.

- Dan, Tyler, and I went to San Diego for a weekend and pre-Europe summer was so, so good.

- Went back to EUROPE! It was dope. Belgian Clarinet Academy, then Brussels, Amsterdam, and London with Mom where we toured the HARRY POTTER MOVIE SET, OK.
- We spent some time in New York with friends and family.
- School started. I got bangs and am still feeling all the regret, I know.

- We went to the zoo, celebrated Messy's birthday, life rolled on.
- My Dad came to visit and we went to Tucson. (I never posted a part II)
- I went to DC for my first professional audition and got to hang with one of my favorite ladies, Logan.
(pic from over the summer)

- My Papa passed away almost exactly a year from my Grandma Lillian. It was a really hard week, especially because it was over Rebecca's 21st birthday.

- Rebecca came back to spend Thanksgiving with me, Dan, and our friends, and then suddenly the semester was over. Here's the photo dump to prove it.
- I came home to spend a week taking care of my Momma, who had surgery. It has not been an easy week (I go back to AZ tomorrow, NYE). Actually, it's been really hard. I cried a lot because it's hard being an adult and being alone and taking care of the person who usually takes care of you. She's on the mend, thank you to everyone who reached out and has been taking care of us.

Losing Papa was really rough, that can not be overstated and I don't even like to talk about it, but it was a really good year except for that. An amazing year, even. So many good things, so many good people. I took initiative in my TA and I fell in love, which in particular was my favorite surprise of this year (love is grand! and I'm a huge cheeseball, shocker I know). I've never been so happy in a relationship, in friendships, in school, and definitely not all at once. And now I only have one semester of my Masters left. Time flies. I think Papa would be proud.

My goals for this year are the same as last year. They were good, solid goals that are still poignant to me (I'm literally copy and pasting here):

- Say "thank you" more (i.e. let people know when/that I am grateful for them)
- Stop apologizing for things that I don't need to apologize for
- Take more risks in my social, academic, and professional life
- Take more photos
- Travel
- Keep better in touch with far away friends
- Call my family at least once a week, every week
- Play a kick ass recital
- Embrace self-confidence

Thank you to the closest people in my life, who make the hard times easier and the easy times absolutely wonderful. (you know who you are, or at least, I hope you do)

2014 recap here (with links to other years that are, now, mostly water under the bridge). All photos from my Instagram.

Happy 2016!


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