Thursday, November 5, 2015

Washington DC

I went to DC Sunday-Tuesday to take my first professional audition, ever. I've been preparing since August and it was easily the best I've played in a stressful audition setting, though I didn't advance past the first round. It was a great experience overall; I'm proud of myself and my playing really benefitted from all of the work I put into this, which is awesome, although admittedly it was still a bummer to not advance. Maybe next time ;)

Regardless, I had the MOST beautiful 2.5 days in DC! Logan was a spectacular host, and zomg FALL! I had never seen fall, no joke. I grew up in Florida and I live in Arizona, so. It was a sight to see. If nothing else, I hope my childish "wowwwww"'s kept Logan entertained.

After my audition, I met Logan at her workplace (the Kennedy Center, nbd) and then made my way to the American History Museum, which I LOVED. On Tuesday, it was the most beautiful Fall day there ever was, so we walked around and saw memorials and the White House.

UGH FALL! What have you done to me!! The desert doesn't even cut it right now! (we get the nice weather, but no leaves. sigh.)

Logan, you are simply the best. Thank you for indulging me in all the touristy things, and for taking me to that doughnut place to get diabetes. I'll be back for the next audition!


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