Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Phoenix Zoo

I tried to write a post about my family. About my Grandma Lillian's birthday, which was Sept. 12, about how much I miss her, and my parents, and Rebecca. I couldn't do it, I just couldn't find the right words. Instead, here are pictures from when Dan and I went to the zoo. I hope it'll suffice (if nothing else, get a load of those giraffes).
It was really sweaty. We also decided that they need at LEAST two of every animal, and like 500 less birds. Why are there so many f-ing birds at the Phoenix Zoo?! And why didn't I take a selfie of us, we need to get it together.
Can you tell that I love giraffes? I guilted Dan into swinging by the giraffes on our way out, after we'd already spent a good 10 minutes staring at them earlier in our visit. He says they're too big to be my spirit animal, because I'm short, but I dunno I think it could work. 
This lonely elephant is the reason the zoo needs more mammals. What kind of zoo only has one elephant? It's probably the saddest elephant, all alone in the desert heat...poor guy.

Regardless, my unpopular attitude is that I love zoos. I know they can be horrible, and yes frankly the Phoenix Zoo's habitats are lacking in space and foliage, but I just love seeing giraffes, okay!

(Worth noting: during this zoo trip, Rachel Messing threw our surprise party plans into chaos, and I was doing "damage control" from the zoo. Take that, surprise party!)

This zoo trip was the start of a super great weekend, now almost two weeks ago. I guess blogging has fallen to the wayside; my priorities lie elsewhere. That being said, I suppose I'll just share photos and word-nonsense whenever I feel like it. Hope that's cool with you (and if it's not, well that's fine too just don't read my junk).


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