Saturday, September 19, 2015

Surprise Paris Party (+ Some)

This party is the reason I don't plan parties!!!! Kidding. But in all honesty it was so stressful.
Keeping a big, FUN secret from your best friend is SO DIFFICULT. All week Rachel Minto and I were planning this birthday surprise party for Rachel Messing, Paris themed like ya do, and AT THE LAST SECOND she started planning something for herself. We pulled our hair out for a few hours, but one well-placed lie and Facebook-event-edit later, we were good to go. We did the damn thing! She was surprised as hell, although there weren't nearly as many tears as I was hoping for ;)
Bad lighting means not a lot of good photos, but you can tell how happy she was! On Monday, Labor Day, her actual birthday, Messy had people over for grilling and cake. It was the most picturesque cake (it also tasted fantastic), so I took a lot of photos featuring the floral arrangement that Kristi very kindly created for us when I frantically texted her for help.
(Not to brag or anything, but she's been showing off this photo of her cake to people for weeks now.)
GO TEAM! I have never been more proud. As another gift, we gave Rachel a little photo album in which to store the Polaroids from her parties. She liked it so much that she brought it to school the next day :)
It was worth all the pain and suffering, heh. Love you, Rachy!


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