Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Instagrammed Life

The first few weeks of school have been far busier than I expected them to be. Figuring out schedules, getting back into practicing, starting rehearsals, Messy's birthday. It's been busy, but lovely.
I've been commuting to North Scottsdale once a week to teach a private clarinet student. She's adorable, and the desert sunsets are good company on the drive home.
Wen gave me a dress that she got in China, so we matched in studio this past Monday. Then this weekend Dan and I went to the zoo, we threw Rachel a surprise Paris-themed birthday party, and then she had people over for food and cake on Labor Day (her actual birthday). Needless to say, my long weekend was perfect and I have a lot of photos to share because for once I ACTUALLY USED MY CAMERA.
I am tired and happy, as per usual. Tonight (Tuesday) Rachel and I go see Wicked at Gammage, tomorrow night Dan and I go see El Ten Eleven in downtown Phoenix, and this week I finally start teaching my ASU peeps!!! I am SO EXCITED (and so broke, but meehhhhh).

Happy four day week! Keep it real.


  1. Labor Day weekend was my birthday weekend as well, haha. My mom was ironically in actual labor with me 22 years ago....oh my. Also, that cake looks fabulous. Chocolate cravings, what up.


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