Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New York in Summer

 Home away from home.
Mom and I returned from London jet lagged and generally insanely tired, and the next day Rebecca came up for the weekend. It was so good. Oh, the bickering! I love to hate it, I really do.

We went to Brooklyn to eat the food and walk the bridge, like ya do. But Smorgasburg is only on Sundays?!?!? We clearly need to read the fine print on the internet. At least there was Lizzmonade.
It was p hot. Like melty-summer-hot. Not desert-oven-hot. Or the preferable Europe-summer-hot. Between the lack of sleep and change of climates, my body was sufficiently confused.
Possibly my favorite picture of us to date! (I didn't bring my camera, so I stole a lot of these from Rebecca. Thanks, Boo).
There was also ice cream and memorial-ing.
On Sunday, EVERYONE came to Grandma and Papa's. Well, almost everyone (we missed you, Spitzes of Colorado). Including Dan, brave soul that he is. Impressive, no? (very)
Mom insisted we take pictures in front of the tree we played on growing up. "Oy" does not even begin to cover it.
This is what happens when I leave for a minute. No idea. I repeat: brave soul.

(*ahem* matching sandals)

After putting Rebecca on a plane at the crack of dawn, we went to the beach club with the cousins (so good, I miss beaches!) and then I saw Reuben, one of my favorite people of all time. We ate Ramen in Manhattan! I used chopsticks for real and it was a time!
Not pictured: meeting Dan's extremely nice and normal family (who did not insist we take pictures in front of a tree), not one but TWO trips to Max's for pizza (IN ONE WEEKEND), and the countless golden snap chats taken by me and all of my cousins.

I love them.

Thus ends my summer-adventure-posts. Took long enough, seeing as it's almost September? Counting down until we go back, sooner rather than later.


  1. so wait. i don't get it. you BOTH have family in new york?! too much luck. love, love, as always.

    1. Haha! He's actually from New York. He lives about an hour away from my grandparents. Happy coincidence.


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