Saturday, August 15, 2015

London Tourists, Part II // HARRY POTTER

On our second day in London, we went to the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour. This is where they filmed all eight movies. Same set. All the actors were there. In person. It's fine. AND YOU CAN TAKE PICTURES! I was too excited, I gave my camera to my Mom.
 Cupboard under the stairs
 Great Hall
 Costumes from Goblet of Fire. HERMIONE'S DRESS! (the most beautiful dress of all)
 From Prisoner of Azkaban
 Gryffindor common room!
 Dumbledore's office
Potions master
 Hagrid's Hut
 More Dumbledore // Horcruxes
 Borgin and Burke's
 Malfoy Manor
 Umbridge's proclamations
(why blurry????? *cries*)
The Potter's House in Goodrich's Hollow
Chess pieces from Sorceror's Stone
It was the most magical day. Similarly magical to Harry Potter World. (I also have a thousand photos on my phone, but I decided that I had to draw the line somewhere.) MOST. MAGICAL. DAY.

Happy Olivia. Thank you, and goodnight.


  1. THIS IS LITERALLY MY DREAM. I am so happy that you got to see this.

  2. Now i want you to get a time turner and go back so that I can sneak into your suitcase.


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