Sunday, August 2, 2015


Reading: anything by a comedian. Just finished "Yes Please" by Amy Poehler and moved onto "Dad Is Fat" by Jim Gaffigan.

Eating: frozen grapes like all day.

Watching: Game of Thrones and Wet Hot American Summer First Day of Camp and 30 Rock. Depends on my mood, ya know?

Doing: sending emails, editing photos, practicing, working (barely), procrastinating, waiting for people to come back, sweating.

Missing: a boy, a sister, best friends, a mom, a dad, Europe, New York.

Wearing: tanks, shorts, sandals, repeat.

Feeling: the anticipation of stress, pressure to practice more, pressure to make some money, tired, lonely, happy.

Wanting: clarinet students, school to start, more photography gigs.

Loving: people and things and Joon.

Hey hi hello. I'm sorry I don't post very much anymore, I'm not sure why that is and hopefully it will change, but I promise I will barrage you with an excessive amount of photos from my trip very soon (lookin' at you, Papa).

In the meantime, look, I got a hair cut. The return of the Gidget bangs! (I haven't had bangs since high school, and now I remember why. But thank you to everyone who said something nice about them, especially Bryttany who said I look like Tina Fey)
I realized that during my trip I hit the one-year-mark of living in Tempe and adopting my Bug! Still blows my mind a bit, I really think this was the fastest year yet. Do the years go by faster from here on out? Can we change that? Cause frankly I think things are just getting good.
Actually, I'd say this was the happiest year yet. Thanks Tempe, thanks Joonbug, thanks everyone.
More posts soon.


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