Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Clarinet Week

"Isn't every week for you clarinet week?", you ask, har har. And...yes...but also no!
My first week in Europe was in Oostende, on the coast, for the Belgian Clarinet Academy. If you've stuck with this blog thing for a while, or if you click on those conveniently placed links, you will recall that I went to this program two years ago and had a marvelous time. I didn't think it was possible, but this summer was even better.
We played for about 9 hours a day. My face was killing by day 3, but when you play through the pain it just kind of...goes away. Haha. I spent a huge amount of time with Dr. Bish, thankfully, because holy crap did I miss her. I forget how spoiled I was, getting to work with her for so long at FSU. I could gush forever but basically she's the best role model and gives the best advice and I miss her already.

I also got to hang with some of my favorite people, and we welcomed Richard into our weird group with open arms. You're welcome Richard, and also I'm sorry.

On our day off, we went to Gent together!
It was a slightly rainy but beautiful day, spent wandering around aimlessly.
aaaaaah, my people.
When we went into this cathedral, there was someone practicing organ. Casually. And then Stephen "fake" cried over the amazing waffles we had.
And now, the main event: Olivia In Front of Doors, a photo series by Stephen White
That's not even all of them. Actually, that's not even half of them. You get the idea though.
The performance went off without a hitch, although by the end I'm pretty sure we were all drooling as we attempted to keep playing. I'm not going to beautify the life of a musician! We're disgusting, it's true.
I don't know why some of these photos are blurry but it's kind of upsetting :(

Also worth mentioning: I loved living with Abby (I realize, yes, I already mentioned that), yogurt with jam in it is delicious, bread is my favorite food, Nutella IS breakfast food, and coffee is a life saver (although that's not news, we just drank a lot of it that week).

I am grateful that I could go back this year, grateful Abby and I had such kind and comfortable host families, grateful that I could see my friends and Dr. Bish and Dr. Spring (and make new friends, too), grateful for all the playing I did, and grateful for how much I learned. Now I just have to practice more as school slowly creeps up on us ;)


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