Friday, August 7, 2015

Brussels + Amsterdam

After spending the week in Oostende, I took a train to Brussels, got lost, and then managed to find my mother! It was rainy, but we walked through the city center and ate overpriced wafels and we ducked out of the rain into the Musical Instrument Museum.
The Grand Place is amazing and gilded and even under construction it was breathtaking.
Then we went to Amsterdam! I love Amsterdam. I love it. I mean, Dutch is super confusing, but holy hell is Amsterdam a beautiful city. The weather was perfect, the public transportation is easy to use, the people are nice, and they have great museums. For some reason, I didn't use my camera? So all of these photos are from my iPhone.
We met up with Abby on our first morning there and went to the Ann Frank House. Advice: get there at 8am. The museum opens at 9, but by then the line for tickets was around the corner. When we left the museum at 11:15am, the line looked like it would take 3 hours to get through, which is what we had heard could happen. Also, the museum is worth the wait.
We also went to the Van Gogh Museum, which was lovely, and then we laid in the grass in the park outside the museum and it was heaven.
(Dear Concergebouw, if you're hiring let me know, thanks.)
I got to meet up with a few friends from America while we were in Amsterdam, how weird is that! We had breakfast with Andrew, who I went to high school with a million years ago (ha), and then later had Dutch pancakes with Michael!
And now I have diabetes and I want to move to Amsterdam, thank you and goodnight.


  1. what an amazing city! i want to visit here so badly! and how fun to get to meet up with some old friends. i seriously would die to get to go to the van gogh museum, and ann frank house.


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