Monday, July 6, 2015

(Pre-Europe) Slices of Life

Hello from New York!
I spent this past week stress eating, moving apartment units, unpacking, packing, working, and squeezing in time with friends.

I'll be in Oostende by tomorrow morning, for one week. Then a day in Brussels with Mom, Amsterdam for two days, a ferry to London, and London for five days. Then back to New York, for four days or so. And finally, back to Phoenix, to Joon (who will be staying with real-life angel-friend, Brittany), to work, to real life.

It's going to be a long and amazing few weeks. Like, I'm so excited but it also doesn't feel real because HOW is it already July? (I don't know either)
We spent July 4th swimming and eating and drinking with friends. And my favorite pup, Ella (Tyler's dog). It was a pleasant farewell-for-now to Phoenix. I might actually miss it here after all ;)

Follow along with my Europe trip on Instagram and/or the ever-ridiculous Twitter (resurgence of #oeurotrip saw wha!) Have a pleasant month, internet!


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