Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Summer Bubble

"Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt." - Kurt Vonnegut
That's how the summer bubble feels. No school, work, going out a lot and spending a ton of time with your favorite people because you can. My summer bubble was a golden two months (it started in finals week, if we're being honest), filled with all of those things. So much laughing. And I am sad to see it end, with friends parting ways this week until we come back in August.

Of course, it's not ending per say. How could one say that going to Europe is the end of something good? No, that's absurd, I know, it's just a change of course. The "end" is the separation of friends, and the fact that when we come back to together, things will be different out of necessity. We'll start school again, and teaching, and work, and stress. And we'll have to adjust. But we will, and it will be lovely in a different way than it was in the summer bubble. And that's beautiful, too. It's almost too good to be true, really.
One of my best friends from high school, Brittany (you've seen her on this page before, of course), recently got a job with Fox Sports Arizona and moved to Phoenix! This is a beautiful thing because she lives a ten minute drive from me and we have never lived so close to each other, even in high school. I LOVE IT. And my friends love her too, of course. About a week ago, she got Dan and I tickets to the Diamondbacks game (they actually won, so, yay!) and it was really really fun.
We've been swimming a lot; it's hot as shit in Phoenix so you do what you can to stop the sweating (thanks again for the swim suit, Kristi). I also baked a blueberry cobbler from the easiest and most delicious recipe (DOMESTIC!) (thanks, Ms. Gayle!), and Messy and I discovered PALETAS.
We need to talk about these paletas. They have a bunch of locations, one of which is right on Mill Ave. We walked by en route to get sandwiches and knew we had to stop because, again, it's hot as shit in Phoenix. NOT DISAPPOINTED. Messy had blueberry lemonade (delicious, but a tad too tart for my taste) and I had blueberry pineapple (actual chunks of pineapple!!!), it was amazing. 10/10 Olivia's would recommend, to quote my Instagram.

The summer bubble has been top notch this year. Best summer bubble yet, I'd say. I'm excited for what the next month and a half of summer holds, too. One happy Olivia, over here.

One more week until Europe and I have to move apartments and work 20 hours at Loft! Go team! (pray 4 me)


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