Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Over the Weekend // San Diego, CA

So Dan, Tyler, and I went to San Diego to see Cherokee last Thursday night! And to escape the heat of Tempe. But mostly for Cherokee, which was one of the most fun shows I've ever been to. This is how excited we were:
 ...very excited, we just hid it well. Photo creds to Tyler, and, the real hero of the weekend, Snapchat.
We spent Friday walking around the pier and napping and eating a LOT.
(This is how one fails at using a selfie stick that one sees at a kiosk, but ends up with a great photo anyway)

On Saturday we planned to leave. And we did, but only after LEGOLAND. AND BEACH. It was awesome. My friend Kate is working at Legoland this summer, and her boyfriend Robbie is a master Lego builder (yes, I am serious, it's extremely cool) and they got us in! Go team!
Legoland is very much for children, but we had a good time walking around. Later in the day, Robbie explained a bit to us about Miniland, the subtleties involved, and what he does at Legoland, which is basically amazing.
Thanks to these random people, you can tell how large the Lego displays are (VERY).
Infamous Star Wars Legos: The Death Star and Naboo. And below, the actual set of the Lego Movie.
Left: me with a Lego lady character named Olivia (no joke), Right: me with Kate, looking fab in her Legoland sun hat, Below: Robbie showing us his workspace in the Model Shop.
These little Lego people are kids from Make A Wish. They come in (if that's their wish), make themselves into Lego people, then are placed in Miniland forever.
And then us, with Darth Vader.

THEN Tyler decided we were going to the beach, so we went to the beach. It was Dan's first time at the Pacific Ocean and we could not have picked a more random and beautiful beach.
It was a great one. Coming back to reality (and 110º+ weather) has been blegh, but it was worth it.


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