Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Becca Boo (in Arizona)

Guuuuuuuys. Finally, right? I don't know, I just haven't felt like whatever-ing, but here is the much anticipated (by my mother) blog post.

Rebecca came to visit. She got here late at night, tired and hangry AF, and the airline misplaced her bag (we picked up the next morning no problem, but still). She had, by far, the best reaction walking into my house, seeing where I live, and meeting Baby Cat. Oh my god, did she love the Baby Cat. Anyway, it was hilarious. I often forgot that she didn't really have any context for my stories or anything, because she couldn't visualize my life here and all.

For the week that she was here we hiked, we napped, we shopped a LOT (way too much, but that's what happens when your best shopping buddy is 2000 miles away). These photos are from Hieroglyphic's trail.
I think Rebecca's main goal for the trip was to win the affections of Joon. Not easily done, and it took a few days, but I think she did it.
Okay, this one may be creepy but she has the BEST eyelashes and freckles. That, and I wake up waaay earlier than she does. I was bored and she sleeps a lot.

She also dresses really well, idk.
On the Sunday that she was here, we drove out to see her boyfriend's family and helped out with his niece, who is coincidentally the cutest tiny human ever. We hiked and watched Tinker Bell and painted nails. Girly stuff, you know. She is such a ham.
And no trip to see me is complete without the botanical gardens, because I am nothing if not a creature of habit and lover of cactuses.
The day before she left, we went and trolled around Sedona for a bit. It was fun just walking around, and the weather was am-yazing.
I HATE LIVING SO FAR AWAY, IT IS THE WORST. It was, however, a wonderful and relaxing staycation for me. Boo, you know how much I miss you already. But I'm so glad you could come visit and meet my people :)
I love you!!!

p.s. Rebecca is good at snapchat


  1. Looks like y'all had a blast! You're making me miss my best friend.


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