Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Rebecca is not in this photo because our breaks only overlapped for the weekend, and as such she is back at school :(

As I type, I am in the Tampa airport, waiting to board my flight back to Phoenix. Such a short time at home, I hate it. I am not ready to go back, not ready for all the work that awaits me, not ready I tell you!

But. Tomorrow night brings Allison to me and I can not wait. I mean is there anything better than seeing your best friends after having not seen them for so long?

So this might be the best Spring Break of all Spring Breaks, I kid you not. I saw and am going to see so many people that I love, and I WENT TO HARRY POTTER WORLD. It was the absolute best day ever (I say that a lot, I know). Regardless, it was an amazing, beautiful, wonderful day.

I'm a little sunburnt, and a little tired, and a lot happy.


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