Wednesday, March 18, 2015


So. As you may have read, or heard me talking about for weeks prior, or the days since, I went to Harry Potter World over my few days at home.
My Mom and I looked into our ticket options and we decided that in order to make the most of our time in the parks, we'd stay in one of Universal's hotels. This way, we could get into one of the Harry Potter parks a full hour earlier.
The hotel, Cabana Bay, was SO F-ING CUTE. I kept saying how I felt like I was in The Jetson's. I loved it. And they have a shuttle to the park, so at 7:30am we were in line at Islands of Adventure, waiting to get into Hogsmeade!!!
That was the line to get in. Even at 8am!!
We rode all of the rides in Hogsmeade, and then were on the first Hogwarts Express to Diagon Alley (the new park in Universal Studios). Do I sound like a dweeb?
Selfie with a Gringotts goblin (Mom loves selfies). Also, the holograms in these rides at Harry Potter World are AMAZING. It's like we were in the movie.
The infamous fire breathing dragon atop Gringotts. And the ice cream parlor has some DELICIOUS and unique flavors. We got ice cream after meeting up with Logan and Corinne and co. and Logan and I both had Earl Grey/Lavender and Chocolate Raspberry--so. good.
I mean, I have nothing bad to say about Harry Potter World. It was the best day ever.
ALSO. I am so lucky because I got to see SO MANY friends this day. We spent the day with Logan, Corinne, and Corinne's boyfriend John. THEN we met up with Jesse and Casey. And then had dinner with Jesse, Casey, and Scott. I mean...
Have I mentioned that it was the best day ever?

Thank you, Momma, for making it all happen. I am so, so lucky.


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