Sunday, February 8, 2015


It was a doozy of a week. Are you tired of me saying that? And saying how I just haven't really been doing much? IT'S TRUE! But I know, I know. I did have a couple of photography gigs in the past couple of weeks that I'll share a bit from soon, but otherwise I just really haven't taken many photos (something that I hope will change very soon) (taking photos/blogging is oddly therapeutic).

On the other hand, the weather in Tempe is so beautiful that it's really a shame I don't often leave the music building/my house. My plants are fully benefitting from the sunshine. I did buy some new plants a couple of weeks ago...I even brought back the tiny one in the first photo from the dead, which is pretty great considering how pathetic he looked when I bought him (for $1).

It's almost cactus bloom season and I can't wait to see if my buds participate.
^ this guy's been steadily growing tiny new limbs and it's been very cool to watch. I love coming home and seeing some new blooms every few days.

If you're wondering, I keep the plants on a cart by the window that Joonbug can NOT reach. She WOULD, in fact, destroy them. In a similar fashion to how she is slowly destroying my house. But that is another story for another day (and one that you, probably, don't really care to hear).

And, belated birthday shout out to Chris and Allison--because this is the first time in FOUR YEARS that we haven't been together for birthday hibachi and I just can't handle it!!! (I miss them so)

Hope you all had lovely weekends! If you have cable, enjoy the Grammys :)


  1. hey bud! miss you. you're makin me sad our cacti sitch is less than par compared to tempe. that last one looks crazy cool.


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