Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I love shooting at Tempe Town Lake. I always end up with some extra shots that I'm weirdly really proud of? Like why would I normally like photos of some ducks? It's the light there. Desert sunsets are no joke. (these are from a couple weeks ago)

You know when Wednesday feels like Friday and then you're confused because there are still classes tomorrow? That was today, but mostly in a productive, great way.

P.S. in case you missed it, I cut my hair. I'll post some nicer pictures of it some time.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Follow-Up // Stress Control

Since I wrote that whiny post about how stressed I am, I managed to cross a few things off of my mental "to do" list and as such have been kind of reflecting on what I need to do to stay sane as the semester wears on. In addition, I got a lot of great advice from friends/peers/colleagues, so I thought I'd share. In case you have similar stress-related issues.

So, here is my unsolicited advice for dealing with stress:

- Take a break, even if it's just for a stroll to get coffee and chat with friends. Using the occasional hour between classes to just vent or have mindless girl talk with my ladies has been so relieving, even more so than I ever thought it would. In addition, I try to leave my work at school when I leave for the day. Sometimes I'm going back and forth, but when I finally go home for good in the evening, I try to use that time to let me brain chill out.
- Create a routine, to the best of your ability. My schedule changes a lot because of my part-time job, but I try to keep my other days relatively consistent. This means less days to worry about scheduling issues. It also allows me to plan for sleeping, eating, practicing, homework, house chores, and (hopefully) (usually) as much time with friends as I can squeeze in. Again, these aren't consistent for me, but everything gets done at some point, and that's what's important...

- Plan your outfit for the day, the night before. This is so dumb but seriously I am so slow in the mornings and so not-functioning until I have coffee/breakfast that it saves SO MUCH TIME to already have my clothes waiting for me. And sometimes if I have to wake up REALLY early, I'll even pack my lunch the night before. Wild, I know.

- That being said, get dressed. I'm weird in the sense that I rarely, if ever, stay in my pjs all day. Even if I'm home alone allllll day. I'm most productive after I've showered/gotten dressed for the day, and I just generally feel better when I've put on clean clothes.
- Exercise when you can. I hate myself for even putting this on the list. But the thing is, I've been running semi-regularly (I can't get into doing gym things, and the weather has been lovely) and even though I hate every second of it and I am NOT one of those people who feels amazing after a run, I DO feel less guilty about eating chocolate when I'm feeling mopey and generally eating kind of whatever I want, if I've been keeping up with running. I also recently went to my first yoga class ever and totally loved it (thanks, Kate!!!), so I found a new hobby that is also good for me, yay!

- Push yourself further. This might seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes when I push myself to practice that extra hour, or woodshed on that really hard piece that I hate playing right now, or run at 8am when all I want to do is sleep, I end up with much better results than if I had let myself be lazy. And it does wonders for a guilty conscience or a feeling of not getting enough done.

- Give into your cravings, in moderation. If I really want some cookies, I'm not about to deny myself some cookies. You know what I mean? (this is also why I started running)

- Make a list, then cross things off. I make a lot of lists, but I don't always go back and check on them. But I've been doing that a lot more lately and it helps me keep everything that I need to do organized and it feels good to see what I've accomplished that day/week.

- If you need to, cry. 

Hope this helps (these are just some things that have been helping me!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Galentine's Day

If you do not know what Galentine's Day is, I suggest you educate yo'self because it really is the best day of the year.
Mintsy helped me put together a pizza party for our girlfriends (funded by my extremely gracious mother, hey Momma, love you). It was soooo fun. We ate way too much and played silly games and put Wen's dragon cat costume on Joonbug, and everything was pink.
She was not pleased, if you can't tell. She stayed in the costume for even less time than she did last time I put it on her.
I'm so lucky to have such wonderful ladies in my life, truly. So glad I could have everyone over to hang (well, not my long distance friends, but alas). So many laughs.

Sunday, February 8, 2015


It was a doozy of a week. Are you tired of me saying that? And saying how I just haven't really been doing much? IT'S TRUE! But I know, I know. I did have a couple of photography gigs in the past couple of weeks that I'll share a bit from soon, but otherwise I just really haven't taken many photos (something that I hope will change very soon) (taking photos/blogging is oddly therapeutic).

On the other hand, the weather in Tempe is so beautiful that it's really a shame I don't often leave the music building/my house. My plants are fully benefitting from the sunshine. I did buy some new plants a couple of weeks ago...I even brought back the tiny one in the first photo from the dead, which is pretty great considering how pathetic he looked when I bought him (for $1).

It's almost cactus bloom season and I can't wait to see if my buds participate.
^ this guy's been steadily growing tiny new limbs and it's been very cool to watch. I love coming home and seeing some new blooms every few days.

If you're wondering, I keep the plants on a cart by the window that Joonbug can NOT reach. She WOULD, in fact, destroy them. In a similar fashion to how she is slowly destroying my house. But that is another story for another day (and one that you, probably, don't really care to hear).

And, belated birthday shout out to Chris and Allison--because this is the first time in FOUR YEARS that we haven't been together for birthday hibachi and I just can't handle it!!! (I miss them so)

Hope you all had lovely weekends! If you have cable, enjoy the Grammys :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Slices of Life

Hello people of the interwebs.

My pal Asher (from FSU) was in town auditioning this past weekend and we had a good time going around Tempe a bit and hanging out with the Rachels. It was pretty fun introducing him to the studio and my new school and Joon (who has been so evil lately, and I have scratches all over my arms to prove it).

In other news, I really need to get out more because I haven't done much worth photographing lately. But! I've had a few photography gigs that maybe I'll post about friends are so photogenic.

Anyway. I'm feeling muuuuch better about all of the commitments I made this semester, and I got so much helpful feedback that I'm planning to share soon. Until then, hang in there.
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