Sunday, January 18, 2015

Slices of Life

Oh, hi. Have you forgotten about me? I won't blame you if you have. We started spring classes this week and the funny thing is that I was so busy and stressed, but it's only going to get busier and more stressful as the semester progresses, so. Great. I'm playing a ton of really tough music, which is very exciting and very terrifying. I'm also watching a lot of "Friends", because it's on Netflix and sometimes I make good life choices.

This weekend, Spencer was here auditioning at ASU. Man it was fun having him here. I selfishly want him to get in and decide to come here...(I told him this already, it's okay).

So cheers to a long weekend and slow start to the week, to getting back into teaching, and being really stressed all the time ;)


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