Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My People = Best People

Frankly I haven't done much lately worth blogging about, because it's mostly school and work, but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who messaged me or commented with recommendations for dealing with stress and just general words of encouragement. Time and time again I worry about posting such personal things on here, and I am always rewarded. I mean how lucky am I to have such beautiful people in my life, who respond to my narcissism with such kindness?! ;)

Anyway, I'm good. Honestly! I complain a lot because it's fun to complain, but I'm doing well so I should just shut up. In other news, I'm going home to Florida in March, and then ALLISON IS COMING TO PHOENIX and I dunno, I am just really really looking forward to it all.
And, this, because Mintsy showed up in class last Friday wearing a navy blue blazer IDENTICAL to mine and immediately was like "I just had a FEELING you'd be wearing this today!!" and was so proud/excited that we were matching and this is why I love her.

I have the best people in my life.

Also another friend is visiting this weekend to audition, wee!!! Keep it real, guys.


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