Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 // Las Vegas

My Dad was here ALL LAST WEEK and it was wonderful. He golfed while I worked and went to school, we hiked and walked around Scottsdale and ate so much.

Then we went to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving, no big deal.
We gambled a bit, and enjoyed the gardens in the atrium of the Bellagio. They remind me of Pan's Labyrinth.
We stayed at the Paris Hotel & Casino. Did I fool you into thinking this was actually Paris for one second? Cause I definitely fooled myself when I was editing these photos. I'm actually a teeny bit proud of myself for that, if I'm being honest.
On Thanksgiving we had an EXTREMELY fancy dinner, which was delicious and extravagant, and then, THEN we saw Cirque du Soleil "Love". I grew up with The Beatles, I love The Beatles, because my Dad loves The Beatles. Cirque du Soleil did not disappoint. I am so obsessed. It was fantastic.
Before leaving on Friday, we met up with Kevin's mom, Fran. Kev's from Vegas, if you did not know (why would you). It was so great to see her! We had coffee and she is such a great storyteller, seriously.

And on our way out, we stopped by the Hoover Dam. It was beautiful.
I shot some more film, I can not WAIT to see what comes out of this roll. Dad takes the best photos of me.
Double camera, bam!
And right before Dad left, Joon fiiiinally warmed up to him. Ha! 

Oh, Dad. Now my apartment feels so empty. *le sigh* Bring on the visits, friends.

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving time, as I did. Thank you, Dad, for everything.


  1. these photos make me unbearably happy. and when they were over, it felt like saying goodbyes from the holidays all over again. yes to Paris-looking pics and daaaang to the Hoover Dam and rad shots of you xxo


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