Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Roses and Thorns

- Having a fantastic group of female friends here in Tempe
- Having a fantastic group of friends in life in general
- Ending my first semester of graduate school with a kick-ass jury
- Snuggly Joonbug
- Hanukkah parties with homemade latkes
- Nice people saying nice things
- Buying gifts for people (I love gift-giving)
- The start of winter break, counting down until I see my family and some of my best friends!!

- Being stuck in Tempe for like five days longer than most of my friends
- Feeling Crohn's-y
- A lingering cold
- Worrying about leaving my Bug all alone for two weeks...
- Bad days/bad moods

On a side note I'm wondering why I've stopped smiling with my teeth in photos? I look so dumb.
Happy finals week/break, friends!


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