Monday, December 29, 2014

Over the Weekend // Sister Date

On Saturday, Rebecca and I went into Manhattan together for a much-needed sister date. First time we weren't bickering all week ;)
It is worth noting that my mother knitted this beautiful scarf for her and that one for me is in the planning stage, right Mom?
En route to Chelsea Market (I spent a LOT of time in Chelsea this trip), we stopped at Doughnut Plant. Did you know how much I love doughnuts? The answer is, too much. If that's even possible. The wild blueberry donut was so delicious, if you go there you should get it.
Several hours later, we trekked to Shake Shack for burgers, cheese fries, and a concrete. Our consensus is that the burgers and fries were fantastic, but the concrete was too rich (possibly because of the chocolate custard).
We then muscled our way through the pop up market in Bryant Park, before heading home. It was a beautiful day. We laughed a lot.

And now, selfie of Mom and me for good measure:
It's hard to live with your family when you're used to living alone, but despite all of the shouting and arguing, I miss them already. It was a great week and a half in New York.

In other news, I am now happily in Boston with Rachel and Josh, having a fantastic time. Boston is cool as hell.

Have a great week!


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