Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Friday, With Love from New York City

I got into JFK at 6am on Thursday and I've spent almost all of the past 48 hours in Manhattan, with friends. It's been exhausting and fantastic.
First thing on Thursday (after the obligatory diner breakfast, with my hysterically funny grandparents) I met Lisa!!! I don't know how we became friends, but she takes beautiful photos, dresses to kill, and is just an all around beautiful person. I am a big fan.

We walked all around the city. Chelsea, Union Square, the Flat Iron area, yada yada. My legs hurt.
I'm embarrassed and proud to say that I completely spazzed when we walked past the bridal shop from "Say Yes to the Dress". And then there were puppies.
Ugh I'm just so glad I could see her before she left for winter break.
On Thursday night, I hung out with Caleb!! Roomies reunited. And I crashed on his couch. So that this morning, I could meet up with Rachel and Spencer *cue excited bouncing up and down*
We ALSO went to Chelsea, met up with Rachel's friend Matt, and this time we walked through the market. Can we talk about how this market is the cutest ever? I'm taking Rebecca next week FUR SURE.
Then we hopped on the Highline for a bit, where I met up with my pal Asher (from that one summer a thousand years ago when I worked at Camp Ramah Darom--I'm proud of this because usually I'm terrible at keeping in touch).
"No one told me this wasn't a real picture!!!!" - Spencer
I am so tired but I had a great couple of days in the city. Hey friends, thank you for meeting up with me and walking everywhere and eating and teasing me about blogs and beanies and whatever; you all are the best.

And tomorrow, Mom and Becca Boo get here! Life is so good.

Wishing you all a great weekend :)


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