Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cwizmaus in the City

Window displays in Manhattan are out of control around Christmas-time. We've never been here this time of year, so my Mom wanted to go look at the windows (we're obligated to do at least one touristy thing while we're here--though we usually end up doing several).
I think Saks 5th Avenue had my favorite windows, but at that point in the day the rain had begun and I did not take out my camera. So these photos are from Lord & Taylor, Macy's, and Bloomingdale's (I think).
^ Alice themed ^
^ Wizard of Oz themed ^
Aside from the windows, we went inside the public library (to use the bathroom, but anyway) and the tree and indoor decorations were just classic and perfect.
^ Where the Wild Things Are themed ^
Then we went to meet Elana in Grand Central Station. We ate lunch in there which I do NOT recommend around the holidays because it was insanely crowded.
That building is just so beautiful! After this we made a stop at the 30 Rock christmas tree, and later the Union Square Holiday Market (I didn't take many photos). Both so crowded you could hardly move (and yet I managed to run into someone I know in the Union Square market--heyo!). Still worth it, I think. For dinner, Boo and I met up with my bestie Reuben (from Birthright) and it was so fun that I wish I lived here just so I could see more of him.

We're spending Christmas doing the stereotypical Jewish thing--Chinese food and movies. Because nothing else is really open.

Happy Christmas, non-Jewish friends/family/people in general! Merry merry.


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