Friday, November 7, 2014

Slices of Life + Happy Friday!

What a week! I'm definitely sleep deprived, is there every enough sleep in grad school? We've had some lovely weather in Tempe, too, by the way. Sunny days with cool breezes, it's the best.

This week I: went to a bunch of concerts, played in one of them (band), went to one million rehearsals (still have one million to go), filled out paper work to start my new part time job, drove all over Tempe, snuggled my cat a little bit, ate a lot of pop tarts. I had a swanky lunch with Spring and our studio guest (being a grad student is sometimes very cool). Also my coffee intake tripled, and I got in some quality Rachels-and-other-friends time, too, which is the best. One of my students asked me this week, "wait, aren't all of your friends named Rachel?" (the answer is technically no, just most of my friends ;) )


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