Friday, November 21, 2014

Instagrammed Life + Happy Friday!

I never mean to go MIA on this page for so long, but it does seem to happen, doesn't it? Considering I've never been so busy in my life, it's not surprising. I'm hanging in there, I have photos from New Jersey to edit, my dad comes in town tonight, I have one million rehearsals, and work, but here are some Instagrams to hold you over until I get around to those photos from the weekend. (sorry, no pictures of Joon today)
In the words of my Aunt Susan, Grandma Lillian was totally "a knock out". This board of old photos is my favorite thing ever. If I ever get scans of these photos, rest assured I'll share them.
In other news, off I go to shoot with film in a very real camera for the first time!!!! Special thanks to Dr. G for teaching me how to use this camera and shoot film. Stay tuned.


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