Thursday, November 27, 2014

I'm thankful for... family, near and far, whom I miss everyday. Especially Mom, Dad, Boo. friends, old and new: you know who you are,  you are keeping me sane, and I looove you. health being better than it's been in years. teachers, past and present, and my students.

...being here, in Tempe, at ASU, doing things that I love doing., for keeping me in touch with all of you (and the people who don't read this blog). camera, for helping me capture little memories.

...snapchat. I'm not kidding, snapchat is the best.

...having a job. kitten, for giving me unlimited snuggles and unconditional lovin's.

...being a woman, being on my own, and being successful (so far).


...a year of change. And the fact that this year of change is almost over.
 Happy Thanksgiving. I love you.


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