Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Ladies

Last night for Halloween, me and my blonde Rachels went out! Left to right: me as Annie Hall, Rachel as a cheerleader, and Mints as Khaleesi. KHALEESI! I mean how could she not, being as blonde as she is? And being as geeky as I am, I was so excited about it. Although yes, most people assumed she was actually Elsa from "Frozen".
Rachel suggested Annie Hall to me a few weeks ago, and I got pumped about it because I didn't have to buy anything, I could make do with things I already owned. Win! I borrowed the tie from Zach (thanks, dood) and though I looked for a vest at the last minute, I couldn't find one anywhere. In the end it didn't matter because some people knew who I was, and some people didn't, and that's basically just how Halloween goes.

I like being fully clothed and a portraying a sassy, cool-ass lady character. This was my favorite costume ever and also I kind of want to wear a tie all the time now? Diane Keaton is my new style aspiration.
The party we went to was fun and everything was fun and now I have an enormous bag of Twizzlers that I bought for slightly cheaper than normal and overall Halloween was a whopping success in my book. I hope yours was, too.

Happy November!?


  1. I had to google "KHALEESI!" I almost didn't tell you that. but ,with our relationship, I had to. I had to. anyway, Annie Hall. GENIUS, I bow down to you. and I'm totally on board with making this an every day outfit. heading into Justin's closet now...


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