Monday, October 20, 2014


I took these photos as the sun was setting last night. Celeste and I were out taking photos at Tempe Town Lake for her upcoming recital. The sky out here in the desert is so much more colorful than I ever remember it being on the East coast. I'm still pleasantly surprised by it after three and a half months of living here (jeez, has it really been only three and a half months?) We got out in the knick of time though; the clouds look beautiful but they turned into quite a storm.

I'm glad to finally be using my camera more often, and SO EXCITED because Dr. G (one of my clarinet professors) lent me a Nikon film camera to use and learn about shooting with film...I've never shot film with a legit camera before, and I already have these great lenses so I'm just, like, overly excited. I don't think I'll have proper time to shoot much until the weekend (hopefully), but I can't wait to learn about it. My wallet is going to shrink realllll fast.

In other news, I'm itching to get out of Tempe, and since my Dad will be here for Thanksgiving and I booked my flights for NYC and Boston over winter break last week, I'm constantly day dreaming about it...ahhhh, to have a few weeks of family, friends, and real winter.

Anyway, big things are happening. I'm excited. Stay tuned (or don't, I guess that's really up to you).


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