Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Snaps from around my place on the first day of favorite month of the year, eeeeee!
Oh, October...Halloween season, guys I can't get enough of Halloween season!!! The weather has already started making an upwards turn and cool morning bike rides to school are just the best, and will only get better. AND this October is especially near and dear to my heart because Gilmore Girls is now on Netflix and, well, that's a big deal because come on. I want to be the Gilmore Girls.

With the beginning of October though, I am now busier than ever and only getting busier as rehearsals and coursework begin to pile up...but it's all exciting because I love being in graduate school, it's the best.


  1. Those shoes (and you) are glorious!

  2. eeeee! *snaps* for these snaps and October. and you. and kicking butt in grad school. I miss those them well for me, okay? thx.

  3. my favourite month too! yay!!
    love your sandals! :)


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