Sunday, October 12, 2014


I just recently started liking beer so when I found out Oktoberfest in Tempe coincided with fall break, I knew I'd be going. I met up with a big group of friends there for a really really fun night. Like a fair, but the focus was beer! (so, way better than a regular fair). There was even a band playing German music in leiderhosen and the female equivalent to leiderhosen that someone told me the word for but I can't remember, which was pretty cool.
Can we all agree that the front-facing camera may have been the best invention ever?...although now I do regret not getting a picture with the whole group.
I'd apologize for the blurriness, but I was drinking beer/not paying close attention to my photos and it's kind of a cool effect even if it was a mistake, so I will not say sorry after all, humph!

Anyway fall break weekend has been really great so far and we still have Monday and Tuesday off and I'm excited about it. Hope you all had or are having great weekends as well.


  1. this is exactly how i'd expect oktoberfest to be...a little fuzzy, drinks in hand, and lots of cheesy smiles. well done.


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